Yet another reason why I love Taylor Momsen. She could’ve just thanked everyone for winning hottest female.

Or she could’ve done what a lot of celebrities do and say, “Wow, thank you, but the other nominees were so much more beautiful than me.”

Instead, after being thankful for winning the award she just tweeted that one small thing. Yet, despite being short, it was full of so much beauty and kindness. Taylor you are truly a wonderful person and an inspiration.

I hope everyone takes her words to heart. Everybody is equally beautiful. That is the reality.


i just want to go on tour w/ 5sos to look after them
are they getting enough sleep?? do they have clean clothes? have they eaten their vegetables? did they take their daily multivitamin?? how can one know for sure


Please help! I received an email from Tumblr staff. Prt screen above! I don’t understand. I can’t see the post for which I am accused of abuse. Has anyone had a similar experience? Who the fuck is Jeremy Banks?

I feel you bro!